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Westchase District’s Board of Directors approved the following statement on ESG:

Westchase District respects the environment and recognizes that sustainability is important. We will continue to embrace the goals of environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs that promote sustainability, social relationships and transparency of governance. We have pursued many of these goals since our founding in 1995 because they make good business sense, promote community and represent good governance – all stated goals of our organization.

We support ESG programs, our energy sector, and free market choices.  We encourage Westchase District stakeholders to consider engaging in conversations and planning around ESG initiatives.

We were ESG before ESG was Cool

Since its founding in 1995, Westchase District has worked to achieve many of the goals that are now part of the ESG programs being established by communities and companies across the globe. Here’s how we’re doing it:



Westchase District is home to five miles of trails and more than 2 acres of parks. Our trails are built along the banks of flood control drainage ways or in utility easements, making good use of existing greenspaces. The environmentally-friendly landscaping in Woodchase Park features rain gardens to retain water. Similar landscaping has been installed along freeway frontage roads to retain storm water runoff to utilize in landscaping. We have installed LED lighting in our transit stations. We’ve improved storm water drainage on Walnut Bend Lane and saved 41 mature trees by moving them from the Westheimer esplanades to our parks.

Our area is home to more than 5 million square feet of LEED certificated office space and 22 Energy Star buildings. There are two publicly-available EV charging stations at the Robinson-Wilcrest Library, plus a Tesla Supercharging station at Tesla’s Westheimer location.

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For 23 years, Westchase District’s Corporate Challenge has brought together employees of area businesses for a day of team-building, networking and fun. Proceeds from the event – totaling $300,000 during the life of the event — benefit area charities, including the Westchase District Community Fund, our 501(c)(3) organization. We organize other community events also, like our semi-annual trash pick-up day on our trails, plus free community events at Woodchase Park and Sneed Dog Park.

We engage the community through our quarterly printed newsletter Westchase Today, and our twice monthly eNewsletter, The Wire.

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Westchase District’s Board of Directors is made up of representatives of area property owners. All Board members sign annual statements disclosing any potential conflicts of interest. The Westchase District, WDCF and our 380 area agreement budgets are subject to annual audits. Legal counsel is in attendance at every Board meeting

Our Advisory Board is made up of business owners and representatives of Westchase District businesses. This group meets quarterly to make recommendations to Westchase District staff based on their experiences in the District.

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Farmers Market

The Westchase District Farmers Market is a bustling hub of sustainability. Behind the colorful tents of busy vendors, are local farmers, craft makers, and food sellers who sell healthy food, jewelry made from recycled metals, as well as apparel accessories and bags stitched by tribes indigenous to Central and South America. Our farmers engage in sustainable farming practices to produce healthy food without use of pesticides and long-haul transportation. The green and colorful array of produce you see was grown within 50 miles of Houston. Many use certified organic practices, reducing the amount of pollution in our soil and water.

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