Mature Trees Relocated to Woodchase Park | WESTCHASE DISTRICT

From Westheimer to Woodchase: A tree spader carefully removes the tree with its soil intact and transports to its new location at Woodchase Park. The entire process is quicker than most might realize, taking about 22 minutes to remove the tree and then another 10 minutes to replant it.

Highrise Live Oaks were planted originally by Westchase District in 2005. At that time, they were a newly-propagated tree. As its name suggests, they were supposed to grow tall, rather than have a wide canopy like a traditional Live Oak tree. That would have made them perfect for a streetscape environment. But these trees chose to grow “out,” rather than “up.”

Westchase District has moved 17 of the trees to Woodchase Park, which is under construction. The remainder have been moved to a nearby tree farm, where they’ll be cared for until they’re moved to Wilcrest Park sometime in 2022. A number of crepe myrtles, originally on the Woodchase Park site, were temporarily relocated to this tree farm and have begun making their return to the park in early March during this phase of construction.

EDI’s Jeff Thompson inspects a crepe myrtle estimated to be 30 years old that will move back to Woodchase Park. Prior to the relocation, the crepe myrtle had a three-month temporary stay at a nearby tree farm.

Mexican Sycamores will be planted in place of all the Highrise Live Oaks that have been moved. The Bald Cypress trees will remain which have thrived in this environment.

Crepe myrtles originally part of the Woodchase Park site have begun returning.

View video of the first very first tree to be removed and relocated by Environmental Design, Inc. (EDI) to its permanent home at Woodchase Park. In the meantime, you can see all the replanted trees in the latest drone footage from the Woodchase Park construction site. Check it out at

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