Westchase District works hard to make our community a beautiful place to live, work and play.


Our award-winning landscaping and seasonal plantings keep the area looking fresh, inviting and colorful. Eye-catching public art adds a unique touch. Special boundary marker monuments are lit at night make it easy to know you’re in Westchase. We maintain clean streets, parks and green spaces to ensure a pleasant environment for everyone. Our attention to detail contributes to high property values and gives the District the look and feel of an exclusive country club.

landscaping and flowers on trails in Westchase District Houston


Our goal is to ensure Westchase District’s public spaces are as beautiful and well-maintained as the private properties. From the stunning crape myrtles along Beltway 8 to the meticulously maintained esplanades, our landscaping efforts are evident throughout the area. We plant beautiful flowers and shrubs in our parks and along our trails, ensuring vibrant and colorful landscapes year-round. Hundreds of trees and shrubs have been planted along the Beltway frontage roads, enhancing the green spaces and providing shade and beauty. We’ve added “dry creek beds” to capture water run-off from the tollway lanes, ensuring efficient water management and preventing erosion.

Our dedicated team performs regular maintenance, including pruning, mulching, and irrigation, to keep the landscaping pristine and attractive in every season.

clean streets and walkways in westchase district Houston


Cleanliness is a top priority in Westchase District to ensure our community remains beautiful and welcoming. We have dedicated maintenance teams that work tirelessly to keep our streets and public spaces spotless. In addition to daily upkeep, we host annual trash pick-up events to engage the community in our beautification efforts.

Trails parks and green spaces in Westchase District Houston

Parks and Green Spaces

Westchase District’s parks, green spaces and trails significantly contribute to the area’s beautification. Our well-maintained parks and lush green spaces provide serene spots for relaxation and recreation. Scenic trails connect the community, offering employees, residents and visitors beautiful pathways to explore.

A public art mural on trails in Westchase District Houston

Public Art

Westchase District has a diverse array of public art  that enhances the beauty of our community. From vibrant “muralitos” on traffic signal control boxes at key intersections to large murals along the Library Loop Trail and on business buildings, our public art adds color and charm to the area. These mosaics and other installations offer great photo opportunities for employees, residents and visitors alike. These artworks not only beautify our district but also support local artists.

Monument sign in Westchase District Houston


Large monuments featuring the District’s iconic “W” mark the boundaries of Westchase District, lighting up at night to let you know you’re in Westchase. Throughout the area, custom street signs serve as attractive wayfinding markers. Metal spikes along our trail system highlight the area’s history, ecology, and the role of transportation in Westchase District’s development.

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