Since its founding more than 20 years ago, Westchase District has systematically worked to landscape the public spaces within our boundaries. Landscaped esplanades and seasonal plantings keep the area looking new and attractive. Boundary markers and customized street signs help you find your way. Our attention to detail contributes to high property values and gives the District the look and feel of an exclusive country club.



We’ve planted Bald Cypress and High-Rise Live Oak trees on the medians on Westheimer to soften this very busy street and provide traffic buffers between the east- and west-bound lanes. We’ve installed hundreds of trees and shrubs along the Beltway frontage roads and have added “dry creek beds” to capture water run-off from the tollway lanes. We’ve planted trees like crape myrtles and seasonal beds in the medians of the city roadways and maintain them through the City of Houston’s deed-of-gift program. Our goal is to ensure that the area’s public spaces are as attractive and well maintained as the private properties in Westchase District.



Striking 12-foot-tall boundary markers featuring the District’s iconic logo serve to mark the boundaries of Westchase District. Custom street signs throughout the area function as attractive wayfinding markers. Newly installed metal spikes placed along the route of our trail system showcase the area’s history, as well as the ecology of the area and the role that transportation has played in the development of Westchase District.


Public Art

Westchase District is adding a variety of public art throughout the area. We now have eight “muralitos” painted on traffic signal control boxes at prominent area intersections. The colorful artwork captures the spirit of the area and adds a dose of whimsy and color to otherwise dull utility boxes. We’ve also commissioned two billboard-sized murals along the Library Loop Trail that depict the butterflies and wildlife thriving in their natural habitat along the trail. Students at Alief’s Elsik High School have created mosaics on the seat walls along the Brays Bayou Connector Trail bringing them alive with color.