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Corporate Challenge


Westchase District Corporate Challenge 

The first Corporate Challenge was a small event in 1998. Just a handful of teams participated in a half-day competition at Quillian Center and $1,056 was generated for charity. Fast forward 26 years and the event now draws more than 300 competitors each year in a day-log competition that generates thousands for charity, including scholarships for children to attend summer camps at Camp Quillian right here in Westchase District.

This annual team-building, networking event will be held on Friday, April 4, 2025 at Quillian Recreation Center. Teams are made up of 4-6 individuals (co-ed) and participate in different athletic events. Enjoy events like kickball, rugby, basketball, soccer, dodgeball and the infamous briefcase relay race! The top team in each event and the top three teams overall will be recognized. The high performing team of the day will receive the Corporate Challenge traveling trophy to display at their office.


Our 2024 Corporate Challenge Winners

First Place Overall: Pape-Dawson: Houston PD

Second Place Overall: Pape-Dawson: A Team

Third Place Overall: Pape-Dawson: Papenheimer


Event Placings

NBA Around the World

  1. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Akramovich
  2. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Talmon
  3. LAN/Rivera
  4. LAN/Kocurek
  5. Binkley & Barfield/Moore
  6. HCC
  7. AIU
  8. Shah Smith & Associates/Villarreal
  9. Binkley & Barfield/Torres
  10. Dally + Associates


  1. Amegy Bank
  2. HR Green
  3. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Sitzman
  4. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Talmon
  5. Camden
  6. EHRA/Gonzalez
  7. LJA Engineering
  8. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Akramovich
  9. Hunton Group/Goff
  10. LAN/Kocurek

Briefcase Relay

  1. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Akramovich
  2. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Sitzman
  3. LJA Engineering
  4. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Talmon
  5. EHRA/Barria
  6. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Earle
  7. Amegy Bank
  8. LAN/Kocurek
  9. EHRA/Gonzalez
  10. Isani Consultants

Hot-Shot Hitting

  1. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Sitzman
  2. LAN/Kocurek
  3. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Earle
  4. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Talmon
  5. EHRA/Barria
  6. Binkley & Barfield/Moore
  7. LJA Engineering
  8. DBR Engineering/Pfeiffer
  9. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Akramovich
  10. Gauge Engineering/Pham


  1. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Akramovich
  2. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Sitzman
  3. Shah Smith & Associates/Villarreal
  4. AIU
  5. Westchase Creek Apartments
  6. Hunton Group/Goff
  7. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Spelce
  8. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Earle
  9. Shah Smith & Associates/O’Nan
  10. Amegy Bank


  1. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Sitzman
  2. LJA Engineering
  3. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Earle
  4. Binkley & Barfield/Torres
  5. Binkley & Barfield/Moore
  6. Hunton Group/Goff
  7. LAN/Kocurek
  8. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Spelce
  9. LAN/Rivera
  10. Pape-Dawson Engineers/Akramovich

Thank you to our 2024 TEAMS AND SPONSORS


Title Sponsor:



Major Sponsors:



Thank you to our 2024 Teams and Event Hosts


Amegy Bank, American InterContinental University, BEMA Information Technologies, Binkley & Barfield | DCCM, Camden, Dally + Associates, DBR Engineering, El Tiempo Cantina, EHRA Engineering, Frost Bank, Gauge Engineering, Granite Properties, Hilton Houston Westchase, Houston Community College, HR Green, Isani Consultants, LAN, LJA Engineering, Odyssey Engineering Group, Pape-Dawson Engineers, Planet Fitness, Shah Smith & Associates, Thompson Engineering, TownePlace Suites by Marriott Houston Westchase, Tri-Tech, UES, Westchase Creek, Woodbranch Management and YMCA International Services


Major Sponsor: $950

• Company name on media releases and printed materials

• Company name and logo on souvenir event shirt

• Company name on event signage

• Team entry fee included (one team)

• Distribution of promotional items/materials at the event

• Photo Opportunity at Awards Program

Event Host: $400

• Company name on signage at your sponsored event

• Recognition at Awards Program

• Distribution of promotional items/materials at the event

Team Registration: $400

• Commemorative T-shirt for each participant

• Refreshments/snacks and lunch

• Team Photo

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