The safety of our community is a top priority for Westchase District. As crime escalates nationwide and in Houston, we are committed to maintaining a robust public safety program that addresses these emerging public safety problems. Our efforts are geared toward ensuring that Westchase District is a safe place to run a business or raise a family.

We have added SEAL Security to our patrol operations and created a dedicated dispatch line. Property owners and managers can call 713-701-7800 for a quick response between 7 am and 11 pm seven days a week. Our dispatcher will contact the officer on duty — either HPD or a SEAL officer — to respond promptly. After-hours calls should either go to 911 or HPD’s non-emergency dispatch at 713-884-3131.



As you work, shop or travel throughout Westchase District, you’ll see uniformed Houston Police Department officers and SEAL Security officers who work for the Westchase District Patrol. They circulate throughout the District in specially marked vehicles, looking for any criminal activity, patrolling “hot spots” and responding to emergencies. Our officers respond to calls and work cooperatively to ensure the safety and security of the people who live and work in Westchase District. Read more about how SEAL Security has been integrated into the operations of the Westchase District Patrol in this article reprinted from our Winter 2021 newsletter.


Blue Star Communities

Forty percent of Westchase District’s apartment communities have earned the Blue Star distinction from the Houston Police Department. HPD awards this certification only after the community manager has completed comprehensive safety training. Then HPD conducts a safety audit of the property. Before an apartment community can be certified, its management must fix any deficiencies and host a safety education event for residents. This joint venture between HPD and the Houston Apartment Association is designed to maintain safe apartment communities. Westchase District has more Blue Star-certified apartment communities than any other area of Houston.


Crime Analysis and Special Watch

We analyze crime data provided by HPD that allows us to identify crime trends, hot spots of criminal activity and locations requiring special attention. This is important when determining the optimum allocation of police resources. Property owners and managers may request that our patrol officers make extra patrols at their location. This can be requested in advance of a special event or when a crime trend has been verified.


Public Safety Alliance

This group consists of building managers, facilities personnel and security managers who are responsible for maintaining a safe environment at their business or property. They meet regularly to  discuss issues of shared concern and hear from expert speakers. Topics have included ID fraud, Crime  Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) and responding to an active shooter situation.

Call 713-701-7800 for a quick response between 7 am and 11 pm seven days a week. After-hours calls should either go to 911 or HPD’s non-emergency dispatch at 713-884-3131.


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