Everyone in Westchase District enjoys a high level of security. We are a low-crime area and are committed to staying that way through our multi-pronged approach to public safety. Our efforts are geared toward ensuring that Westchase District is a safe place to run a business or raise a family. To speak to Westchase District staff or an on-duty patrol officer regarding any ongoing criminal activity on your property (vagrants, suspicious individuals, for example), call 713-780-9434. If your call is after 5 p.m., you will be connected to our after-hours answering service.



As you work, shop or travel throughout Westchase District, you’ll see uniformed Houston Police Department officers, who work for the Westchase District Patrol. They circulate throughout the District in specially marked vehicles and on bicycles. They look for any criminal activity, patrol “hot spots” and respond to emergencies. They occasionally perform undercover surveillance operations or go door-to-door through apartment communities to educate residents on burglary prevention. Their presence serves to deter crime throughout the area.



We have installed security cameras at numerous shopping centers, restaurants and apartment communities throughout Westchase District.  These cameras help deter crime and support criminal investigations and prosecutions. In fact, the use of them has been so successful that property owners have assumed the responsibility for operating and maintaining the cameras in many cases. Some cameras are remotely monitored for criminal activity. Certain activities (loitering, after-hours activity) trigger an individual at an off-site location to view the activity and alert a Westchase District Patrol officer to respond to that location.


Blue Star Communities

Almost half of Westchase District’s apartment communities have earned the Blue Star distinction from the Houston Police Department. The HPD awards this certification only after the community manager has completed comprehensive safety training. Then HPD conducts a safety audit of the property. Before an apartment community can be certified, its management must fix any deficiencies and host a safety education event for residents. Certification shows residents and guests that an apartment community is committed to creating the safest possible environment. Westchase District has more Blue Star-certified apartment communities than any other area of Houston.


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