Westchase District Murals


ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Western end of the Library Loop Trail, at Wilcrest Drive

STORY: The bayou channel habitat on the western end of the Library Loop Trail is home to dozens of turtles, fish and other aquatic organisms that swim in and out of submerged, concrete “reef balls.” The box culvert over the channel, nestled between the Robinson-Westchase Neighborhood Library and the future Wilcrest Park, is the perfect spot for a mural depicting a faux-wooden bridge as well as other area wildlife such as raccoons and egrets.



ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Library Loop Trail, between Rogerdale and Walnut Bend, just north of Richmond

STORY: This 80-feet-wide by 30-feet-tall mural is within yards of the butterfly garden along Westchase District’s Library Loop Trail. It is located at the junction where the flood control channel next to the trail turns south. The project took about eight days to complete and Crawford used about 45 gallons of primer, paint and a clear coat finish.

"We are all Connected" mural

C. We are all Connected

ARTIST: Reginald Adams

LOCATION: On the east wall of Westchase Auto Care Center, 10611 Westheimer Road

STORY: This mural is the first large wall mural in Westchase District. This colorful spectrum of interconnected gears represents the interconnected nature of the diverse community in Westchase District. while also paying homage to the auto repair industry.

Harvey Heroes mural

D. Mosaic Seat Bench

ARTIST: Reginald Adams

LOCATION: On the east side of the Brays Bayou Connector Trail, immediately adjacent to METRO’s Westchase Park & Ride lot (just north of Harwin.) 

STORY: Students at Alief ISD’s Elsik High School collaborated with professional artist Reginald Adams to create these one-of-a-kind mosaic tiles. They are installed on the side of a concrete bench along the Brays Bayou Connector Trail.  

HCC Campus Trail mural

E. HCC Mural

ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Just north of Meadowglen Lane on the west side of the HCC Campus Trail

STORY: This mural shows various runners enjoying a jog on a trail. From the smallest (in a stroller) to the 4-legged variety, everyone can enjoy a run (or walk) along the Westchase District trail system on a beautiful day.

HCC Campus Trail mural

F. Sky is the Limit

ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: West-facing wall at the Market at Westchase Shopping Center, 11103 Westheimer.

STORY: This 64 ft x 24 ft mural features the moon with footprints, plus views of the Earth and Sun. Feet dangling from the top of the mural illustrate a astronaut, solder, cowboy, Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz) and a child. A question is asked via an oversized Post-It Note: “How can the sky be the limit while there are footprints on the moon?”

Box Culvert West facing at Walnut Bend

G. Westchase Jungle

ARTIST: Reginald Adams

LOCATION: West-facing box culver along the Library Loop Trail at Walnut Bend Lane.

STORY: This 40 foot long mural features colorful flowers and vines.

Box Culvert East facing at Walnut Bend

H. Creatures of the Sea

ARTIST: Reginald Adams

LOCATION: East-facing box culvert along the Library Loop Trail at Walnut Bend Lane.

STORY: This 40 foot long mural features an underwater view of an octopus, fish, a playful sea turtle and a coral reef.

Box Culvert West facing at Rogerdale

I. The Yellow Submarine

ARTIST: Reginald Adams

LOCATION: West-facing box culvert along the Library Loop Trail at Rogerdale Road.

STORY: This 45-foot long mural is a playful art creation recalling The Beatles’ 1960’s musical hit. The mural features an underwater view of bubbles, a yellow submarine and a colorful red beetle.

Box Culvert West facing at Rogerdale

J. Pour Out A Little Love

ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Sunrise Grocery at 9834 Meadowglen Lane and Elmside Drive

STORY: This mural is the world filling a pitcher. Blend it all together, pour it out and you get worldly and brotherly love. Having this enriching mixture of cultures for one world is what makes life vibrant.

Box Culvert West facing at Rogerdale

K. Trailside Park Safari

ARTIST: Reginald Adams

LOCATION: Trailside Park walkway and signboard.

STORY: This mural brings the king of all things wild, a majestic lion, on a walkway by the playground at Trailside Park. Glance towards the fence and see if you can spot a leopard camouflaged in the trees on the signboard painting.

Box Culvert West facing at Rogerdale

L. Wild for Westchase

ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Rogerdale and Richmond retaining seat walls.

STORY: This series of retaining wall murals feature wildlife you find in and around aquatic areas, especially along Westchase District trail system which can be accessed via Rogerdale. Deer, rabbits, turtles and sea birds find refuge in these bayou water ways.

Box Culvert West facing at Rogerdale

M. Color Run on Diamond Cube Digi

ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Retaining walls on Richmond at Briarpark, Seagler and 10350 Richmond Bus Stops.

STORY: This three-part series of murals play on geometric patterns and digital board circuitry. The series begins with diamonds and culminates with an evolution of where the mathematical function of shapes have taken our technology.

Box Culvert West facing at Rogerdale

N. La Isla de Puerto Rico

ARTIST: Reginald Adams

LOCATION: East-facing wall of B&E Reprographics, 3664 Walnut Bend Lane.

STORY: This colorful mural celebrates the Puerto Rican heritage of the family that owns B&E Reprographics. It is a nice addition to the hardscape of Walnut Bend Lane, which is undergoing a multi-million dollar rebuild. 

Box Culvert West facing at Rogerdale

O. Cubic Dimensions

ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Northwest corner of Richmond and Hayes.

STORY: These blue and yellow cubes form an optical illusion. They look different depending on from where they are viewed. 

Box Culvert West facing at Rogerdale

P. Fish

ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Briarpark Drive south of Richmond (in front of Kazy’s Sushi Supply)

STORY: Our artist is known to have fun with subjects and their places. Crawford added fish to a retaining wall on Briarpark Drive and Westoffice Drive in front of Kazy’s, a supplier of sushi. The work is swimming with deep sea aquatic life.

Box Culvert West facing at Rogerdale

Q. Taiwan

ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Briarpark Drive at Westoffice Drive (in front of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office)

STORY: The mural’s festive theme has glowing lanterns and bursts of fireworks against a towering skyline as a tribute to its location in front of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office.

Box Culvert West facing at Rogerdale

R. Flower Wall

ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: CityWest Blvd. at CityPlace Drive

STORY: This mural depicts a multi-colored burst of flower blooms.

Box Culvert West facing at Rogerdale

S. Nature

ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Bridge over the canal connecting Deerwood Drive to Riverview Drive, at the entrance to the Walnut Bend neighborhood.

STORY: This mural has multiple panels featuring some of the wildlife that can be found along the bayou and canals, including ducks, a wily coyote, heron and, of course, nutria.




ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Briar Forest & CityWest

STORY: This mural sits on the Paul Revere Middle School campus. At the beginning of the 2016, the school had started to build a new baseball field (left of the mural). The mural incorporates a combination of Paul Revere and the historic colonial flag with a baseball twist. Can you get any more American!? There is a baseball field and large baseball painted on the back.



ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Richmond & Woodland Park

STORY: Each location tries to incorporate a theme that corresponds with the surrounding area and real estate. This box sits adjacent to the Colonial Oaks retirement community. Think retirement, think beaches. Larry added the flamingos to give the box some added color as well as the “Gone Fishing” sign on the extra stub of the box.




LOCATION: Richmond & Rogerdale

STORY: This was the first traffic signal cabinet painted and also the first piece of art in Westchase District. Within 24 hours after the box was finished, it appeared to have been vandalized with grey paint. Who would do such a thing to such a beautiful piece of art? Turns out the District’s graffiti abatement contractor thought the artwork was vandalism and therefore completely covered the mural. Fortunately, we were able to get the mural restored within a week. Word got out to the press and the story made it to the front page of the Houston Chronicle.



ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Westpark & Rogerdale

STORY: There isn’t really a story behind this one. We just wanted a box with animals so Larry created a zoo-like box with a gorilla, lion, and cheetah.



ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Harwin & North Course

STORY: This box sits on the United Recovery System campus. URS generously agreed to sponsor this box and paid for half of the project. Their website used to consist of nature and wildlife, so the District carried over that theme to the box by painting an eagle, deer, river and forest landscape.



ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Harwin & Rogerdale

STORY: Who doesn’t love some Texas pride? This mural sits next to a METRO Park & Ride facility. Behind this mural is a large METRO structure with the iconic red, white and blue logo. The color scheme was matched by painting a Texas flag on the front and an American flag on the back.



ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Richmond & Briarpark

STORY: Westchase District is home to several of Houston’s iconic office buildings and skyscrapers. Crawford stood on the southwest corner of Richmond Avenue and Briarpark Drive, looked around him and began painting. His 360 perspective captures the magnitude and beauty of the area on a clear day.



ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Rogerdale and Bellaire

STORY: Located next to a Home Depot home improvement store, this box seemed tailor-made to depict everyone’s favorite construction toys. Featuring a hardhat contractor and lots of snap-together bricks, the side not shown here features a female counterpart. It’s a subtle statement depicting that creative building is not something limited to boys.

Library Box at Wilcrest and Richmond


ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: 3200 block of Wilcrest, just north of Richmond

STORY:This box is located just steps away from the newly refurbished and reopened Robinson Westchase Library. It features a colorful collection of books, just like you’ll fine at the nearby Library or one of the three Little Free Libraries that are located along the Library Loop Trail.

Library Box at Wilcrest and Richmond


ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Intersection of Briar Forest Drive and Wilcrest Street

STORY:This colorful flowers painted on this box complement the newly landscaped esplanades on Wilcrest, which feature Drift Roses, Flax Lilies and Indigo.

Library Box at Wilcrest and Richmond


ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Northwest corner of Richmond & Briarpark

STORY: This muralito features Rocket, the very loyal and constant companion of Larry Crawford, the artist who has painted so many of the utility boxes in Westchase District. 

Library Box at Wilcrest and Richmond


ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Intersection of Rogerdale Road and Meadowglen Lane

STORY: These colorful circles and suspended hands leave their interpretation to the viewer. 

Library Box at Wilcrest and Richmond


ARTIST: Larry Crawford

LOCATION: Northwest corner of Briarpark and Westpark Drives

STORY: Alief Magee and Bob Smith, two individuals who played large roles in the history of early day Westchase are featured in this muralito that pays homage to some of Westchase District’s early citizens.