Woodchase Park Construction Progresses | WESTCHASE DISTRICT

Woodchase Park is on schedule to open later in the year as construction progress is noticeable around the entire property.

At 1.7 acres, Woodchase Park will be a fully programmed park which means it will host events such as arts and crafts classes, exercise classes, weekly book clubs and boot camps. Monthly activities might include gardening workshops.

The construction of the performance pavilion has gone vertical. The pavilion’s roof, support beams, building structure and foundation are now in place. The pavilion will be a focal point, hosting planned events and activities. Around the park, visitors will enjoy a children’s play area, activity lawn, dog park, community garden, public art and restrooms.

The performance pavilion at Woodchase Park will be a focal point of activities and events that park-goers can participate in or enjoy.

D.L. Meacham’s Carrie Wicke (center) gives Mayor Sylvester Turner a guided tour of Woodchase Park in December.

A row of trees has been planted on the park’s northeast corner. The Highrise Live Oaks were originally planted 15 years ago on Westheimer Road medians and relocated to the park in early February. “The oaks outgrew their space and it was time for them to have a new home,” said Irma Sanchez, Westchase District’s vice president of projects. “Woodchase Park is the perfect place for these trees to flourish and grow even more.” Seventeen trees are being moved to the park and ten crepe myrtles, previously relocated from the park due to construction requirements, will be returned and planted near the entrance.

Mayor Sylvester Turner pays a visit

In December, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, accompanied by Westchase District Board Chairman Harry Greenblatt, toured the site. Carrie Wicke, project leader for D.L. Meacham, the company building the park, gave Mayor Turner a guided tour. The mayor thanked Westchase District for its partnership and took time to greet the D.L. Meacham team responsible for constructing the project.

Keeping audiences engaged with progress

Two online properties recently went live to build awareness and keep people up-to-date on Woodchase Park. The District launched woodchasepark.com where visitors can see construction progress photos, spectacular drone footage, and sign up to receive text alerts. In addition, a Facebook page called Westchase District Parks debuted. The page has garnered more than 1,000 followers within a few weeks of going live.