Westchase District boasts exceptional early childhood education options | WESTCHASE DISTRICT

Parents who live in Westchase District, or work in one of the many office buildings here, can rejoice knowing there are two innovative and exceptional childcare and educational programs serving young learners. The recently launched Academy of Young Scholars, located at 2526 Walnut Bend Lane, is gaining momentum thanks to working parents who want quality childcare. Under the leadership of Deshonda Shipman and Terry Gaskin, this brand-new preschool is breathing new life into what was once a daycare center. Enrolling children aged 6 weeks to 6 years old, the academy aims to create an exceptional learning atmosphere.

“We recognized the incredible growth of the Westchase District, teeming with businesses and residents, making it the ideal location for the academy,” said co-founder Terry Gaskin. “Taking over and revitalizing a previously abandoned daycare facility gave us the opportunity to create an exceptional learning environment for children.”


Rapid Growth


In its first month of operation, the academy welcomed 10 new students. The academy has also made new hires to facilitate growth, including Mr. Leo (3-4 year-olds), Ms. Coco (infants), and Ms. MeMe (2-year-olds). The academy has also introduced music and Spanish classes, enriching the curriculum to prepare young learners for a globalized world.


“At The Academy of Young Scholars, excellence is not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life,” said co-founder Deshonda Shipman. “With an unparalleled teaching approach and a devoted staff, we aim to surpass all competitors in the market. Our mission is clear: to lead the way in innovation, care, and early childhood education, empowering children for success both in school and beyond,” said Shipman.


The Montessori Way


Meanwhile, Westchase District is also home to another standout, the MOLO Bilingual Montessori School at 3535 Wilcrest Dr. Since its establishment in August 2019, MOLO has garnered a reputation for excellence. The Montessori teaching methods, which date back more than a century, have been coupled with a bilingual curriculum, setting MOLO apart as a premier educational institution.

Jolene Tollett, director at MOLO Bilingual Montessori explained, “Here, our CEO, all of our lead teachers and I have official Montessori certification. This ensures that our students receive the best educational experience possible.” The school’s commitment to bilingualism is evident from the youngest age. All students – from 9 months old through 6th grade — learn Mandarin daily.


Embracing a different model


The Montessori model, known for its emphasis on experiential learning and autonomy, is fully embraced at MOLO. Every child has their own designated work rug, promoting respect for personal space and boundaries. The curriculum incorporates tactile learning tools like beads for counting and sandpaper letters for spelling. Additionally, life skills including cooking, cleaning and tool usage are incorporated with younger kids, while older students learn typing, coding and even robotics. With a comprehensive range of facilities, from a gym to playgrounds and a garden and greenhouse, MOLO Bilingual Montessori provides an enriching environment for holistic development.

“Westchase District is such a great area to be located,” Tollett continued. “Its mobility allows students to come from all over. We have parents who come from Katy, Downtown and more. It’s also a very diverse area. We see that reflected in our student and teacher makeup.” Looking forward, MOLO Bilingual Montessori school plans to expand into underserved areas in Houston. They are also excited about continuing to invest in the Westchase District community, making a generous donation for Camden Park and hosting an upcoming fall festival for the community.

For those seeking more information about The Academy of Young Scholars, visit their website at www.academyofyoungscholars.com or call 713-485-0104. To learn more about the MOLO Bilingual Montessori School, visit www.molowestchase.com.