Westchase District Trail System Boosts Leisure Life | WESTCHASE DISTRICT

On March 30, 2016, Westchase District broke ground on the second phase of what is now a 5-mile trail  system. The Brays Bayou Connector Trail runs between Richmond and Bellaire on the banks of the Harris County Flood Control District canal. The trail features an exercise station, water fountains, public art, informational signage, and bike fix-it station. There are emergency call boxes located along the trail for use by trail users.

Check out the Westchase District Trail System and how the District is extending connectivity and access with side paths from Terry Hershey Park Trail to Arthur Storey Park which will connect the Brays Bayou and Buffalo Bayou Trail Systems. Another side path is also underway on Elmside/Woodchase that will connect to the future Woodchase Park (under construction) and the Westpark Trail.