Westchase District’s Crime Rate Plummets | WESTCHASE DISTRICT

If you watch, listen or read local news, you’re well aware that crime is an ongoing problem in Houston and elsewhere across the country, particularly in large urban areas. Westchase District is rewriting those headlines, however, with crime rates that are plunging amid new public safety initiatives being employed by the District and its Westchase District Patrol.

“We track HPD’s crime stats specifically for Westchase District,” said Mark Hubenak, vice president of public safety. “Using HPD’s own data, we can report that crime dropped more than 21% between October of 2022 and March of 2023 versus that same time period one year earlier.”

Overall, violent crimes in Westchase District dropped 33.3% while non-violent crimes fell 19.1%. Among the most compelling reductions, robberies are down 51.5%, theft of vehicle accessories is down 40.4%, and shoplifting is down 31.8%. These drops outpace the reduction in crime that has occurred throughout Houston during this same time. Between October 2022 and March 2023, HPD statistics show violent crime down 12.8% citywide, while non- violent crime is down 2.1%


Crime prevention efforts underway


The drop in crime comes after the District initiated several crime prevention measures including the expansion of its private security patrol in support of Houston police, the installation of license-plate reading cameras and the creation of a dedicated dispatch line for property owners and businesses.

“We added an extra SEAL private patrol officer to each shift, including a new third shift from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m.,” said Hubenak. “All SEAL officers patrol with a K-9 partner and they’re able to respond quickly to calls that come into our dispatch number.” The dedicated line is staffed 24 hours a day.

Westchase District also has installed eight, around-the-clock license plate- reading and monitoring cameras which can be moved as needed. Another eight license plate-reading cameras have been installed in the area by District F City Council Member Tiffany Thomas and District G City Council Member Mary Nan Huffman.

“These cameras are monitored by HPD and have resulted in arrests,” said Hubenak.


More stats declining


Hubenak reviewed HPD crime stats for Westchase District dating back to 2020 and found a 26.5% drop in total crime when comparing January through June in subsequent years.

“By any measure, our stats are moving in the right direction,” said Hubenak. “I appreciate the hard work of all the SEAL officers and HPD officers who patrol Westchase District. And I appreciate the property owners and managers who have responded enthusiastically to our efforts. By calling our dispatch number and being vigilant in reporting suspicious persons and trespassers, we’ve been able to have a positive impact on the quality of life in Westchase District simply by reducing crime.”