Westchase District Announces Irma Sanchez as Organization's President/CEO | WESTCHASE DISTRICT

Westchase District’s newly-named President & CEO Irma Sanchez is congratulated by Board Chair Harry Greenblatt

Westchase District’s Board of Directors has named longtime employee Irma Sanchez as President and CEO of the organization, effective October 23, 2023. Sanchez has worked for the District since January of 2000 and has served as Vice President of Projects since 2008.

“We did a thorough and exhaustive search of the government, non-profit and economic development sectors in Houston and elsewhere looking for the perfect candidate,” said Harry Greenblatt, chair of the Board of Directors. “In the end, we found the perfect candidate was here all along working at Westchase District.”

As vice president of projects, Sanchez has been the lead staff member overseeing the execution of Westchase District’s 380 Area Agreement with the City of Houston, including the development of Woodchase Park, Camden Park, the five-mile Westchase District Trail System, the rebuild of Walnut Bend Lane and the Westheimer streetscape improvements.

“The 380 Program has brought more than $74 million in investment into Westchase District – all of which was overseen by Irma,” said Greenblatt. “She also led the effort that brought in an additional $43.3 million in public funds, grants and donations that leveraged the 380 investment and resulted in a total of $117.4 million in street improvements, parks, trails, landscaping and streetscapes in Westchase District. She has more than proven that she’s ready to step into the role of President,” said Greenblatt.

Sanchez graduated from the University of Houston. She takes over from Jim Murphy, who retired in June, but will remain in a consulting role. Charly Weldon filled the position during the interim.

“I’ve enjoyed my tenure at Westchase District and look forward to bringing even more improvements to the area for the benefit of our property owners, business owners and residents,” said Sanchez.