Westchase District Creates Trail Discovery Games

Individuals and families can identify amenities and wildlife along Library Loop Trail

The Library Loop Trail runs 1.7 miles between Wilcrest and Rogerdale. The Robinson-Westchase Library is located on the west end of the trail and the US Post Office is located on the east end of the trail.

Westchase District’s Library Loop Trail was completed in 2013 as the first leg in what is now a 5-mile system of trails. Since then, the tree canopy has grown and new amenities have been added, making the trail a premier walking and cycling experience for Houston residents and overnight guests in Westchase District.

As businesses are shuttered and families are quarantined, the trail system offers a welcome opportunity to walk, hike, ride your bike, spot nature, view art and enjoy the weather and fresh air. Only the water fountains and exercise equipment have been closed by order of government leaders.

The District has temporarily closed access to all trail exercise stations to address concerns about the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus.

With that in mind, Westchase District has created two fun games for families to enjoy along the trail. “Trail Fun” is designed for young readers to learn about the area’s historical figures, early transportation and some of the plant life and wildlife that may be spotted along the trail. “I Spy Bingo” is designed for younger children to be alert to the treasures all around them in nature.

“As families navigate the complexities of home schooling, we wanted to share a unique learning opportunity with parents.” said Sherry Fox, vice president of communications for Westchase District. “Parents and their children can leave the house together. They can enjoy a safe environment and relaxed physical activity while learning new things about the area. It’s like a PE class and field trip all rolled into one.”

All the answers to the “Trail Fun” game can be found on the informational spikes along the Library Loop Trail.

The answers to the “Trail Fun” game can all be found by reading the informational spikes along the Library Loop Trail. Record your answers on the game form. Parents can download and check the answers. Participants are encouraged to take pictures along the trail (selfies or other discoveries) and post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using #Westchasetrailfun.

“The ‘I Spy’ game is designed for young children,” added Fox. “We hope they’ll enjoy looking for the various amenities along the trail, plus other exciting creatures like butterflies, turtles and caterpillars. We encourage families to take pictures along the trail and post them on social media. That will help us spread the word.”

Where to Begin

These first two games are limited to the Library Loop Trail, a 1.7-mile section of trail that runs between Rogerdale Road and Wilcrest Drive. The trail is located along the banks of the Harris County Flood Control District drainage channel just north of Richmond Avenue. If it’s too far to walk from home to the trail, motorists can park in the parking lot of the Robinson Westchase Library (3223 Wilcrest Drive) and access the trail through the library’s gate or from Wilcrest Drive. Only one street crossing is required at Walnut Bend Lane. (Be careful of the ongoing construction there.) Proceed east on the south bank of the channel toward Richmond. At Richmond, pedestrians may continue on the south side of the trail to Rogerdale where they can cross to the north bank of the channel and walk west back to where their car is parked.

“It’s a lovely walk,” said Fox, “but it may be a bit much for young children. If that’s the case, we hope families will come back and finish the walk another day. They may see completely different critters along the route another day.”

End at the Farmers Market

All participants are invited to bring their completed game forms to the Westchase District Farmers Market for a special gift. The market is hosted every Thursday from 3 to 7 pm at St. Cyril’s Catholic Church, 10503 Westheimer. Farmers markets are exempt from the Harris County “Stay at Home” order and the Westchase District Farmers Market is a great place to pick up farm-fresh produce, eggs and honey, plus artisan bread, jams and prepared foods.

Download “Trail Fun”

Download the “Trail Fun” answer key

Download “I Spy Bingo”

If you don’t have access to a printer at home, you can pick up copies of both games at the Westchase District Farmers Market.


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