Revere Middle School earns top honors in Westchase District Corporate Challenge

Teachers and coaches team up to win

2019 Westchase District Corporate Challenge Results

First Place: Revere Middle School

1st Place overall winner is Paul Revere Middle School

Second Place: Costello, Inc.

2nd Place overall winner is Costello, Inc.

Third Place: DBR

3rd Place winner is DBR Consulting Engineers

Other top 10 finishers are:

4. EHRA Engineering (Gaden)

5. Tailored Brands (Malin)

6. Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam (Shipley)

7. Pape-Dawson (Bood)

8. Pape-Dawson (McIntyre)

9. Binkley & Barfield

10. DataVox


Event winners are:

NBA Around the World: Amegy Bank (Brown)

Kickball: Costello, Inc. (Sitzman)

Briefcase Relay (Van De Wiele & Vogler (O’Hara)

Soccer Kick: Costello, Inc. (Sitzman)

Dodgeball: Revere Middle School

Rugby: Meriplex Communications


Westchase District Community Fund Check Presentation:

$8,250 to Quillian Center

The Westchase District Community Fund presented a check to Quillian Center for $8,250. The rest of the proceeds will be distributed to other charities and programs in the year ahead. Quillian Center Executive Director Tom Gaden (third from left) receives the check from the WDCF board of directors. Pictured (left-right) are Tim Johnson, Ricky Gonzalez, Gaden, Craig Eichhordn, Blair Johnson, Steve Wentz, Dave Gilkeson and Louis Jullien.


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