Report to the Community

Westchase District staff presents 2018 accomplishments and 2019 goals

Westchase District hosted its annual “Report to the Community” on Thursday, October 18th.

Staff vice presidents offered a presentation to Westchase District business owners and property managers about what has been achieved this year and what goals have been set for 2019.

“This annual hearing also gives our staff an opportunity to hear from the community and answer questions from our stakeholders,” said Chief Operating Officer Dave Gilkeson. “We are proud of what we have accomplished for our owners, residents and businesses in the District and we appreciate those who attended to hear about our work and ask questions.”

At the conclusion of the presentation, three Westchase District board members, who served as hearings examiners, voted on their recommendations regarding the 2019 assessment roll. The full board will act on those recommendations at their meeting on Monday, October 22.

Read our 2018 accomplishments.



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