Recreational Reading as Walking Trail Attraction

Take a book, leave a book: The new, Little Free Library along the Library Loop Trail is now open for all to enjoy.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the Little Free Library movement? The concept is simple: quirky mailbox-like structures filled with books supplied by readers that are free for all to enjoy. Borrow a book or leave one to share with the world – it’s a grass roots way to promote reading and randomly discover new books.

Westchase District got on board with literacy love by installing its first Little Free Library this summer at the west entrance to the Library Loop Trail, next to the Robinson Westchase Library, 3223 Wilcrest Drive.

Among the initial titles found in the enclosed, two-story, birdhouse-looking bookshelf:

  • Tuesdays with Morrie
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • The Great Gatsby (complete with handwritten notes!)

“It creates another cool amenity for our trail users and they help foster a literacy-friendly community,” said Louis Jullien, Westchase District’s project director. “I hope people will find new reading favorites and that they will share their favorite books with others.”

Jullien said that he’s had to restock the library several times since its debut. “I guess everyone is busy reading their books and haven’t returned them or left a favorite title yet for others to enjoy,” he said.

The installation is only the first of several Little Free Libraries to be located along the trail. Another one, sponsored by Zachry Group, will appear soon at the eastern trailhead on Rogerdale Road and a third is planned near the trail’s Walnut Bend crossing. If you or your company would like to sponsor a Little Free Library in Westchase District, contact Louis Jullien, 713-780-9434.


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