Payments Gallery Aims to Help Main Street Entrepreneurs Build Business | WESTCHASE DISTRICT

Seasoned professionals bring point of sale expertise to retail environment

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could.” In the case of Payments Gallery, the six-year old business wasn’t born in Westchase District, but it got here as fast as it could.

Co-owners Todd Sagissor and Tim Vozar opened their initial retail location in August 2017 on Westheimer, immediately west of the District’s boundary. “I could throw a rock and almost hit Westchase District from the front door of our business,” joked Sagissor. “In fact, we thought we were in Westchase District when we signed the lease.”

Fast forward to September 2021 and Sagissor and Vozar signed a new lease for 1,750 square feet of space at 10822 Westheimer, in the Lakeside Place shopping center. “We are so much busier here than at our previous location, and we have really great neighbors,” said Sagissor.

Unique Retail Gallery

Payments Gallery is a first-of-its-kind retail experience for businesses and entrepreneurs who need point-of-sale technology. “People don’t think about coming to a store when they’re searching for point-of-sale technology,” said Sagissor. “Many businesses start their search online, but we offer them so much more because they can come see and experience the equipment in our showroom. We’re like a cell phone store in the early days of cell phone technology where you can come in and see what you’re buying. We’ll even take the equipment to them and let them test it in their environment for a few days,” said Sagissor.

“Our goal is to get more business for our customers,” said Sagissor. “We can help them operate more efficiently by upgrading their payment technology. Point-of-sale technology is so much more than taking payments. It’s about time clock operations, tip control, wages, inventory management and loss prevention. We can help a business owner operate more efficiently. But we can also help them earn repeat business through gift cards, text messages and customer surveys.”


High-tech Innovations

Recently, Payments Gallery became a distributor for a California company that sells robots. The interactive robots can be programmed for a variety of tasks, including greeting and directing customers, food service and payment acceptance. A programmable robot, affectionately known as “Robocup” demonstrates the possibilities at the Payments Gallery showroom.

Vozar says robot technology offers practical solutions that can reduce staffing costs and fill employee shortages. He says restaurants are using robots to deliver food to tables. Liquor stores employ them to greet customers and escort them to the correct location in the store to find their desired product.

A medical office is considering using the robot as an initial greeter of patients. “Finding good employees is the biggest challenge business owners face right now,” said Vozar. “Robots don’t take breaks, they don’t call in sick and don’t have to be paid overtime. That’s a real advantage for some businesses.”


Pro Small Business

The rack of business cards in the back of the Payments Gallery showroom is evidence of Sagissor’s and Vozar’s vision to be a business hub for entrepreneurs. “Some of our customers are just getting started. They need an electricity supplier, they need information about operating permits, sales tax, etc. We want to be a resource for them and help them succeed in business,” said Sagissor.

Under Sagissor’s and Vozar’s leadership, Payments Gallery has led annual holiday toy drives for Combined Arms, a consortium of veterans organizations. Recently, they hosted
a collection box for the Westchase District Community Fund’s school supply drive. “We like giving back to the community and this is how we become known in the community,” said Sagissor.


You can visit Payments Gallery at 10822 Westheimer Rd. Online at or call at (832) 781-4644