New Officer Enjoys Time Spent on Trails

Ofc. Broadnax Patrols with Academy Classmate

Ofc. Ron Broadnax is one of the newest members of Westchase District Patrol, joining the District five months ago. If you have been out on the expansive Westchase District Trail System, you have likely crossed paths with him and his partner, Ofc. Zhen Wang, on patrol bikes.

“The trails are an excellent way to cover the District because you can get to anywhere fast,” said Broadnax. In fact, Broadnax knows about speed and agility. He was recruited on a track scholarship out of high school in Seguin to attend the University of Houston. He stayed in the city following graduation where he was hired for his first job working for Velocity Sports Performance, training younger athletes how to condition and maximize their bodies for high level of competition.

After winding down agility training work, Broadnax got married and was encouraged by his father-in-law, a Houston Police Department vice squad officer, to consider law enforcement for the next phase of his career. “He informed me that HPD was in the middle of a huge hiring program,” said Broadnax. That tip would ultimately bring him to Westchase District eight years later.

In fact, Broadnax first met his Westchase District patrol colleague Zhen Wang when both were in the academy class in 2007. “A lot of my classmates joined Westchase District Patrol before me and encouraged me to look at the work,” said Broadnax.

Broadnax and former classmate Officer Wang are riding partners who enjoy interactions with the public.

Joining the force

“Being a former track runner, I was prepared for the police academy training,” laughed Broadnax. But as a young officer Broadnax did not know what to expect. A big part of his training focused on community policing and learning how to understand aspects of the community – experience he’s gained while serving in Westchase District. “Talking to citizens and getting their perspective is a large part of it,” said Broadnax. “When I first joined HPD they placed an emphasis on being initial investigators as well. Before becoming an officer, I always thought that investigating was for the investigators only.”

Before he checks into Westchase District, Broadnax is a patrol officer on the day shift for HPD’s Midwest Division, which covers the Galleria area to Sharpstown and parts of Westchase. When he transitions to the District, Broadnax said that his interactions have been generally more with businesses and business owners. His patrol route takes him to a lot of hotels and corporate offices.

“I am definitely busier with HPD but enjoy the pace in the District where I get to spend time with business owners,” said Broadnax. “Building a closer rapport with people is what I’ve experienced since joining the District’s patrol. I like getting out to see what other people’s concerns or problems are so we can serve them better. If they need anything we are here to help out.”

He feels the need, the need for speed

Broadnax didn’t leave his past affinity for going fast on the track. His favorite off-duty activity is going to race car events with his brother. Exotic cars like Lamborghinis get Broadnax’s attention. “My brother has a Nissan GT-R and I have a Corvette,” said Broadnax, who enjoys telling people about the cars’ capabilities. “We put a lot of work into our cars and have even made them faster. I think always wanted to be around fast stuff.”

The pandemic canceled a lot of car shows and races he and his brother would normally attend like TX2K in Baytown, but events are now returning.  “TX2K features roll and drag races by shop car entries,” said Broadnax. “It attracts thousands from around the nation.” Broadnax’s advice for anyone wanting to drive a fast car: “Take your time and learn it, especially how to handle it. Because if you don’t, it can bite you.”


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