New Monument Signs Coming to Westchase District | WESTCHASE DISTRICT

New installation: Two new monument markers are being installed on the West Sam Houston Parkway at Westheimer.

Westchase District is welcoming 20 new, eye-catching entry monuments as it bids farewell to its original ground signs designed to mark the District’s boundaries. Westchase District’s President and CEO Irma Sanchez described the initiative, stating, “The new signs are designed to mark the District’s boundaries and beautify the area with a more modern look.”

The project is underway with two towering sculptures, both 20-feet tall, now installed at the southbound and northbound sides of the Beltway 8/Westheimer intersection. The remaining monuments will stand 12-feet tall.

NEC, the company responsible for Westchase District’s custom bus shelters, is also handling the fabrication and installation of these modern markers. A secondary contractor follows NEC’s installation to facilitate electrical work, allowing the signs to be illuminated at night.

Westchase District will embark on a six-month project in 2024 that includes the installation of the remaining signs across key locations like Wespark Dr., Richmond Ave., Meadowglen, and Briar Forest Dr., accompanied by the removal of the old monuments.