New interactive art coming to Trailside Park | WESTCHASE DISTRICT
Hopscotch art will be painted on the walking path at Trailside Park.

Who remembers playing hopscotch? This is a rendering of the interactive hopscotch art that will be painted on the walking path at Trailside Park.

More improvements will soon be coming to Westchase District’s Trailside Park, thanks to a $1500 grant from America Walks.

The “Community Change Micro Grant” awarded to the Westchase District Community Fund was one of only 20 grants extended to local organizations for 2019 and the only grant awarded in Texas. The grant program supports local efforts to create safe, accessible and enjoyable places to walk and be physically active.

Westchase District Projects Director Louis Jullien developed the ideas for the interactive art to be painted along the path of Trailside Park, which connects Hayes Road to the HCC Campus Trail. “With the America Walks grant, we will implement three art pieces on the walking path to enhance the walking experience. These art pieces include a hopscotch, a playful maze and horizontal jump lines. These paintings will engage trail users while on the walking path and entice them to become repeat trail visitors,” said Jullien.

Westchase District Community Fund was selected from over 600 applicants for projects that demonstrate the passion, creativity and commitment of local walking champions. “Through our work, we know that when local community change agents work to get their neighborhood on the walking path, great things happen,” said America Walks Executive Director Kate Kraft. “Each of these grantees has a vision of how improving conditions for walking can lead to healthier communities.”

Horizontal jump lines will be added to the walking path at Trailside Park.

This is an example of the horizontal jump lines that will be painted on the walking path at Trailside Park. A local artist will be engaged to paint original art similar to this rendering.

Investing in Safe, Accessible and Enjoyable Places to Walk

America Walks is a 20-year-old national non-profit organization. Since 2015, the Community Change Micro Grant program has provided funds for a variety of projects demonstrating the creativity and passion of walking champions across the U.S.

The art will be created within the next 60 days. Trailside Park is a one-quarter acre park site adjacent to the HCC Campus Trail. The walking path through the park connects the trail to Hayes Road. A playground zip line has previously been installed at the site, along with landscaping, including pollinator-friendly plants, wildflowers and native grasses. Site furnishings, including benches, tables and a water fountain, will be added this month.

Trailside Park is first “pocket park” in Westchase District

“The concept of a ‘pocket park’ is very common in large, dense urban areas,” noted Jullien. “Trailside Park is the first of several pocket parks we plan to bring to life in Westchase District. They’re meant to be enjoyed by tenants of the nearby office buildings, apartment residents, as well as visitors to the library, area hotels and students of nearby schools. It’s an old concept that’s finding new life in Westchase District.”


Trailside Park is located on the HCC Campus trail between Meadowglen Lane and Richmond Avenue. Click here for a map of Westchase District’s entire trail system.