Community Champion Laura Smith Joins Westchase District Board | WESTCHASE DISTRICT

Laura Smith, a newly appointed board member of Westchase District, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for community development to her role. Her career path has been a testament to her dedication to creating positive change and her ability to merge her professional expertise with her commitment to helping others.

Non-Profit Roots

Smith’s professional journey began in the non-profit sector, where she worked closely with refugees assimilating into the U.S. and victims of human trafficking. Her empathy and drive to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals were evident. However, recognizing the emotional toll of this work, Smith shifted gears and ventured into commercial real estate, joining Griffin Partners, a prominent firm in downtown Houston. This transition not only broadened her skill set but also opened doors to her current role at Patrinely, where she oversees Property Management Operations for office and industrial spaces. Patrinely owns and manages the 578,284-square-foot office building at 2500 CityWest in Westchase District.

A Passion for Community Enhancement

Her career shift more than a decade ago paved the way for Smith to work alongside talented individuals and engage in projects that impact communities positively. “I love creating and participating in projects that improve the lives of companies, their employees and the cityscape where we develop properties,” she shared. This desire to blend her passion for community enhancement with her expertise led her to the Westchase District board.

Asked about her motivation for joining the Westchase District board, Smith pointed out her company’s longstanding presence in the District. She added, “I was excited when approached to join the Westchase District board. Having been able to see and experience the improvements made to the area by Westchase District over the years, I now get to be involved with the board and future projects.”

Her extensive background in commercial real estate operations, construction and development has equipped Smith with valuable skills to benefit the board. “I am thrilled to apply my knowledge to assist the Westchase District in constantly improving operational efficiencies and vetting future construction projects,” she explained.

Smith’s personal life is equally vibrant. With two wonderful children and a close-knit family, she finds joy in spending time outdoors, running, hiking, attending concerts and exploring new places through travel.

Looking to the future, Smith is particularly excited about the initiatives under the 380 Program with the City of Houston, which aims to enhance the area further. “I love to look back at a project once completed and know that I had a small part in improving the lives of people in the surrounding community,” she shared. For Smith, being part of the Westchase District Board offers a platform to contribute to meaningful transformations and bring her vision of a thriving, vibrant workplace and a family-friendly market to life.