Landscaping Improvements Completed at Westpark | WESTCHASE DISTRICT

Westpark slopes prior to landscape improvements
BEFORE: November 2018

Crews have finalized the latest landscaping improvements along the northbound and southbound slopes adjacent to the West Sam Houston Tollway frontage roads between Richmond Avenue and Westpark Drive.

The improvements — which beautify the space and help with drainage control — included planting of Asian Jasmine, Drift Roses, Indian Hawthorne, Dwarf Oleander and Crape Myrtles, in addition to laying beds of bull rock. The rock installation helps slow the rainwater runoff from the tollway that has been causing plants and dirt to wash onto the feeder roads.

As part of the District’s efforts to conserve water, workers also installed Rain Bird smart controllers by Water Logic, which determine when best to irrigate, based on weather conditions and landscape needs.

The landscaping almost completes the beautification of the frontage roads that run through Westchase District, a project that began in 2001. Later this year, workers will landscape the last remaining section along southbound Beltway 8, between Valley Forge Drive and Briar Forest Drive.

Tollway landsaping after new erosion control measures were installed

AFTER: February 2019