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HPD, Westchase District Team Up to Halt Illegal Truck Parking

Trucks Parked More Than Two Hours Can Be Ticketed and Towed

Heavy lifting: A heavy-duty tow truck is called in to tow an illegally-parked 18-wheel truck on Meadowglen Lane.

It is illegal for 18-wheel tractor/trailers to park for more than two hours on any residential street in Houston. It is also illegal for the smaller “box” trucks to park for more than 24 hours on a city street. But if you’ve driven Meadowglen Lane, Elmside Drive or Seagler Road (among others), you know that illegal parking is a chronic problem that interferes with vehicular traffic and pedestrian safety. Westchase District is actively working to curtail this illegal parking.

The Houston Police Department officers working for Westchase District Patrol routinely drive these streets, make note of parked trucks (time and date), then return to issue parking citations. If the illegally-parked truck has not moved, it can be ticketed. After receiving two tickets, it can be towed.

Safety Matters: Illegally Parked Trucks Obscure Visibility

“Motorist visibility is so limited when these giant vehicles park on our narrow residential streets,” said Mark Hubenak, the District’s public safety director. “It makes it difficult for residents exiting their apartment community to see oncoming traffic. We’re going to continue to enforce this law to improve mobility and motorist safety in Westchase District.”

Hubenak recently asked for additional help from HPD’s Truck Enforcement Division. That call led to an HPD crackdown on illegally-parked trucks that resulted in several of them being towed.

Fines range from $30 to $750 depending on the violations. Truck stops and other commercial facilities are available where truck drivers can legally park their big rigs.

“We receive lots of complaints from area motorists about these illegally-parked trucks,” added Hubenak. “Unfortunately, it’s like a game of ‘whack-a-mole.’ Once we enforce the law on one street, the trucks simply move to another street. I appreciate the support of HPD in helping us to address this public safety problem.”


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