Guest Services Attendants Contribute to Positive Park Experience | WESTCHASE DISTRICT

If you’ve visited Woodchase Park for any of the scheduled events since the park’s October opening, you’ve probably encountered one or more of our Guest Services Attendants (GSA). These newly-hired Westchase District employees are working to make sure guests enjoy their experience at the park.

“Our new team members are all exceptional,” said Louis Jullien, parks programming director. “They not only help our programming partners set up their equipment and prepare for their activities, but they’re available to answer questions, unlock the bathroom, pick up trash and any other job that is required in the park. They don’t shy away from any responsibility,” added Jullien.

GSAs at Woodchase Park arrange many activities kids can enjoy such as a daily book cart set up.

“Most of the GSAs already live in the area or are familiar with Westchase District. So they really didn’t need any extensive training. They know the area, they know their neighbors and now they know how to set up the sound equipment for events, how to set up for chess tournaments and where to park the food trucks,” said Jullien.

Another asset at the park is Jimmy Ryan, the onsite security guard assigned to the park by Allied Universal, the company engaged by the District to provide security at the park. “Jimmy is a regular and familiar face at Woodchase Park,” noted Jullien. “He’s an extension of our team.”

All the Guest Services Attendants were on hand for the park’s inaugural Halloween event and Christmas event. “We’re looking forward to adding more special events to our regularly scheduled events in 2022,” said Jullien.