Goodman and Tango | WESTCHASE DISTRICT

Tango and Goodman make great partners

After serving as a Master of Arms in the US Navy, then doing oversees private security in Argentina and Colombia, Colonel Bradley Goodman joined the team at SEAL Security. Almost 12 years later, he is now the most tenured officer on staff. Patrolling Westchase District with his K-9 partner Tango, Goodman is one of several SEAL officers that have been added to enhance the public safety program in Westchase District.

A day in the life

During his shifts Monday – Friday from 4 p.m. – 11 p.m, Goodman loves to listen to music. He has quite an eclectic taste. Everything from Elvis to Tupac, Johnny Cash and Rob Zombie. He spends his time driving through the District checking on businesses, hotels and apartment communities, ready to respond to any dispatch calls he may receive. He loves working for SEAL. “The ownership and management make you feel so welcome. It’s like a family,” he said. “My team is also great. All the guys I work with are solid. There’s not a single member I wouldn’t trust to respond to a call with.”

Enhancing public safety for the community

Since 2021, SEAL Security has been a welcome addition to Westchase District. With its own dispatch center, businesses can call the designated patrol number whenever there is an issue, and SEAL has a speedy response time. SEAL is able to handle the majority of matters that may arise, which frees HPD to focus on larger issues.

“The businesses have been really grateful to have us here” said Goodman. “Some of the large businesses and high-rise buildings can afford their own security, but most of the smaller businesses cannot.” SEAL’s presence in Westchase District gives all the businesses extra security and peace of mind in regard to public safety.

Overall, Goodman says things are calm in Westchase District with no major issues. He enjoys getting to meet the various business owners and being out in the community. For him, it’s all about respect. He finds that treating people with respect prevents situations from escalating and it’s important to him to set a positive standard both for SEAL and Westchase District.

Goodman is excited about the future. He gets married April 22 and will have a new wife and son. He plans to retire with SEAL and hopes that when Tango is retired from the force, he can take Tango home as his pet. Goodman enjoys knowing he is contributing to public safety in Westchase District and gets to watch out for those who choose to operate here.

Property owners and managers can call 713-701-7800 for a quick response 24 hours a day.