Feeling Cooped Up Lately? Hit the Trails

Sunshine, Start of Spring & Fresh Air Are Plentiful

Now is an important time to stretch, relax and discover while you reconnect with nature and fitness.

Westchase District’s trail system offers a welcome remedy where you can walk, hike, ride your bike, spot nature, view art and enjoy the weather and fresh air.

The District is temporarily closing access to exercise station use due to possible COVID-19 spread concerns.

From dawn to dusk, joggers, cyclists, dog walkers and pedestrians regularly use the District’s trail system. Residents and people who work in offices along the trail are attracted to many of the trail’s amenities as recently captured by the Houston Chronicle.

To prevent the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus, the District has temporarily closed the use of exercise stations and the Trailside Park playground until further notice.

EcoExploration and Discovery
In the meantime, there are many ways to enjoy the 4-mile length of the trail. Informational signs provide trail goers with a way to learn significant historical facts about the area. Sounds of water splashing are caused by aquatic life in adjoining bayous and waterways.

Along the route, catch a glimpse of heron, ibis, ducks, nutria and turtles thriving in this urban habitat. Bald cypress trees, Texas sage and variegated Dianella, salvia mystic spires and white trailing lantana complement sections of the landscape.

No matter the season or occasion, we’ll look forward to seeing you on the trails!


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