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Westchase District covers 4.2 square miles at the center of the thriving West Houston economy. The Westchase District organization works to improve mobility and public safety in the area, while also leading public beautification projects and building parks and trails. These activities promote economic development and encourage redevelopment of existing commercial real estate.

53,000 people work in Westchase District and 28,000 people live here. In addition, more than half a million people live within five miles. Together, they constitute a readily available, educated and highly skilled labor pool.

This represents a snapshot of the demographics of Westchase District:



The largest demographic group (79.6% of households) in Westhchase District is young and on the go. Their median income ($36,233) is less than the US median, but these residents typically don’t have children, giving them more disposable income than segments with similar income levels. With a median age of 29.2 years, they are education, career-oriented and technologically-savvy. [1]

52% of our area’s population is in its power earning years. 

  • 22.5% of the population is 25-34
  • 17.8% is 35-44
  • 11.3% is 45-54
  • 7.7% is 55-64 [1]

Median household income in Westchase District has grown 9.2% since 011. The largest group (22.2%) has an annual household income between $50,000 and $74,999. 45.5% of all houeholds have income greater than $50,000. [1]



Westchase District is a highly educated area. 40% of Westchase residents have a college degree compared to 32% nationally and 33% for the City of Houston. [1]



Westchase District is growing much faster than the City of Houston. Between 2010 and 2018, the District’s population grew by 15% versus 12.3% population growth for the City of Houston. [1] [2]



Employment in West Houston is projected to grow by 87,670 net new positions through 2022. This pace exceeds the expected job growth in the Houston/The Woodlands/Sugar Land MSA. [3]


[1] ESRI data
[2] 2010 Census
[3] The Perryman Group

Westchase District residents are young and on the go
Power earning years
87,670 new positions coming