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Law and order: Council Member Huffman finds many similarities between her legal career and her work on City Council.

Mary Nan Huffman has served as District G City Council Member since February of 2022, when she was elected to fill the unexpired term of former Council Member Greg Travis. She had previously worked as a prosecutor in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office for almost ten years, having served as Chief Felony Prosecutor in the Child Exploitation Division and over the Internet Crimes Against Children Division.

When asked about making the transition from the courtroom to council chambers, Huffman is quick to point out that she never made the transition, because she works a second full time job as attorney for the Houston Police Officer’s Union representing HPD officers in a variety of matters associated with their duties as an officer. “I get to defend the police every day. Now I’m in a capacity [on city council] to make sure they have the resources to do their job,” said Huffman.

“The number one issue my constituents are concerned about is crime,” said Huffman. “Number two is flooding and infrastructure. People want to feel safe whether it’s crime or flooding.”

Flooding fixes

Huffman experienced Houston flooding first-hand when her family’s west Houston home flooded after Hurricane Harvey. Huffman says addressing the flooding problem in District G is a collaborative effort between the federal government, TIRZ 17 (Memorial City Redevelopment Authority) and even homeowners associations. “We need to improve underground water detention, like we did on Kirkwood, move fences and trees that deter drainage and even clean ditches. All of those initiatives help to minimize flooding,” said Huffman.

Huffman says her office also receives plenty of calls about missed trash pick-up and expensive water bills. “People see the water leaks around town. They’re paying higher water bills and that’s frustrating for consumers,” she noted.

Meeting constituents

February marked Huffman’s one-year anniversary on council. Since she didn’t go through a traditional election cycle, she’s spent much of that first year meeting her constituents, attending HOA meetings and superneighborhood meetings. “I spent much of the past year getting to know people. I’ve attended 85 HOA meetings,” she noted.

She has enjoyed working with her fellow council members, especially her neighboring District F colleague Tiffany Thomas. “My colleagues put their heart and soul into their work,” she observed. “They’re so dedicated. Even when you don’t agree on some issues, you can always find issues that you can collaborate on.”

Huffman graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Political Science and attended St. Mary’s University School of Law. She finds many similarities between the legal world and government. “Reading laws and reading ordinances is very similar,” she said. “Being an advocate for my constituents is like advocating for my clients. There is a lot of negotiating and compromise. There are hard topics that you’re not going to budge on. But you also know you can’t fight every battle.”

She noted that District G is fortunate to have several management districts and TIRZ organizations that work to make the area better. “Government can’t do everything, but we’re still doing pretty well because of our partner organizations in District G.”

District G is home

Council Member Huffman is raising her family in District G. She takes her children to participate in many city-related activities and describes Terry Hershey Park as one of her favorite places in Houston.

All in the family: Council Member Huffman poses with husband Eli Huffman III and children Eli and Hayes.

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