2828 at Royal Oaks Achieves Blue Star Certification | WESTCHASE DISTRICT

2828 at Royal Oaks Assistant Manager Leslie Monge, Manager Patti Melendy and Mark Hubenak, Westchase District’s VP of public safety celebrate the community’s Blue Star certification.

Congratulations to 2828 at Royal Oaks, Westchase District’s latest Blue Star community.

The Blue Star distinction is awarded by the Houston Police Department, only after a community has completed the three-part certification process, which includes manager training, an exterior inspection and resident education.

Patti Melendy, community manager at 2828 at Royal Oaks, says the process was worth the end result.

Melendy has been with the community since October of 2021, when her employer, Asset Living, began managing the 510-unit community. From the beginning, the community’s new owners were eager to pursue Blue Star certification. That required tens of thousands of dollars in improvements to the property, plus a commitment to only lease to residents who clear a rigorous credit check and background screening.

“We’ve turned over 65% of the community since we purchased the property,” said Melendy. That means evicting residents who did not meet the new criteria and were behind in their rent, while attracting a more desirable tenant base. “Our longtime residents love it,” she said. “They’re happy with the improvements we’ve made.”

Those improvements include: $65,000 in lighting upgrades, cleaning up the landscaping, and making sure the pedestrian gates are working and locked. The property also installed the “Gatewise” app that allows residents to access the driveway gates via their mobile phone, while ensuring that unauthorized guests are not allowed admittance. Residents also now have 24-hour access to the fitness center, thanks to the Gatewise app.

Melendy worked with a $5 million renovation budget that not only paid for all the improvements to the shared amenities, but also covered the renovation of 57 individual units. More apartment homes are scheduled for renovation as residents move out.

The community is located at 2828 Hayes Road. For more information on apartment availabilities, visit: https://www.2828atroyaloaks.com/ 

HPD’s Blue Star signage is prominently displayed on the gate at 2828 at Royal Oaks.



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