METRO Bus Stops in Westchase District Receive a Facelift

Projects Director Louis Jullien is always looking for a way to bring new art to Westchase District. He’s the staff member responsible for bringing “muralitos” (the utility box murals found at intersections) to Westchase District and the billboard-sized murals that decorate the Library Loop Trail. More recently, he commissioned artist Larry Crawford to paint additional murals on the retaining walls on Rogerdale, bringing still more color and whimsy to the streets of Westchase District.

Jullien’s latest project is to beautify the many METRO bus shelters in Westchase District by “wrapping” the acrylic shelter walls with topical and informative images, making the bus stops more attractive for METRO patrons and motorists alike.

“The project was similar to the muralitos, in that we want to add more cool and interesting images throughout Westchase District,” said Jullien.

Working with staff at the METRO Transit Authority, Jullien received approval to decorate 15 bus shelters in Westchase District. Then he worked with Vicki Roy and her team at BQR Advertising and Public Relations to develop the art.

“BQR developed the District’s latest ad campaign and was responsible for our re-branding efforts,” noted Jullien. “It made sense to get them involved in this project, so that our new work would complement other projects in the District.”

Another local talent, photographer Monee Fly, captured additional photographic images that were used on the bus shelters. “We’re proud that these are all original work commissioned by the District,” added Jullien.

Today, wraps have been installed on 15 bus shelters along Richmond and Gessner. Each wrap features a “point of interest” which can be found in Westchase District. Those points of interest include the District’s Library Loop Trail, farmers market, butterfly garden, Little Free Library, and trail murals, plus specific landscaping projects and streetscapes.

The side panel of each bus shelter features a translucent images of the District’s modified logo.

The translucent images don’t impede users’ views of approaching buses. They do highlight the bus stop location and help create a sense of place for METRO and Westchase District.

Solar panels provide night light

All 15 bus shelters have also been equipped with solar panels to light them up at night. “Previously these shelters were dark, so this is a very dramatic improvement,” noted Jullien.

There are slightly morethan 10,000 METRO stops in the region and approximately 2,000 of them have shelters. “We’re proud of these improvements,” said Jullien. “In fact, two of the heaviest traveled bus routes in Westchase District run along Richmond and Gessner, so these are welcome improvements for METRO patrons in Westchase District.”

Jullien and his team plan to upgrade another 15 bus shelters next year, including those on Westheimer.      


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