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West Houston residents can rejoice that their healthcare needs may now be addressed closer to home, rather than driving to the Texas Medical Center. Skip the traffic and enjoy free parking at Kelsey-Seybold’s new Westchase Clinic, 11284 Westheimer Road. The 22,500-square-foot clinic has space for up to 12 providers offering comprehensive healthcare for adults and children.

“We are excited to bring this incredible clinic and the convenience it provides to the Westchase community,” said Shelley Li, M.D., managing physician of the clinic. “We know how important it is for our patients to have access to compassionate and coordinated care.”

The entire Kelsey-Seybold Westchase team, led by Shelley Li, M.D., celebrates the October opening of their new clinic, located at 11284 Westheimer Road.

The Westchase clinic features an on-site imaging center, including X-ray, mammography, ultrasound and bone densitometry, as well as laboratory services and access to a Kelsey Pharmacy. Meagan Ziegenbein, senior director of ambulatory clinics, says it’s all about bringing services closer to where people live and work. “Historically, these specialties were located in the Texas Medical Center. Our new strategy is to bring these services closer to the residents of Houston. We looked for gaps and identified Westchase as an underserved area. We have many employer relationships in that area, so the new clinic is in a great location to serve current and future customers,” said Ziegenbein.

New clinics, new investment

The Westchase clinic is part of a system-wide expansion by Kelsey-Seybold. Fifteen new clinics are under construction, representing a $350 million expansion throughout the Houston region.

The Westchase clinic will have two adult primary care physicians and a pediatrician on staff. Other specialties will be added, starting with an OB/GYN in February.

Patients can make appointments online and same day visits are available, especially for acute care and upper respiratory conditions. “Patients are able to get in the same day if necessary,” said Aaron Carlson, senior vice president of ambulatory services. “We schedule that into the doctor’s calendar so that doctors can be available for same day appointments.”

Video visits and real time email consultations are also offered for certain types of appointments. Carlson estimates that approximately 10 percent of all visits to Kelsey-Seybold are virtual appointments. The Westchase clinic also provides curbside testing for COVID, flu and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus).

Keeping patients healthy

Kelsey-Seybold’s 22,500-square-foot clinic features a pharmacy in the clinic’s main lobby.

The Kelsey-Seybold Westchase clinic is part of Kelsey’s Accountable Care Organization (ACO), a team of physicians, nurses and specialists working together to coordinate quality care for their patients across multiple specialties and in different care settings.

Kelsey-Seybold accepts more than 50 kinds of insurance. They also partner with major insurance carriers like Aetna, Cigna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare to offer high-quality, cost-effective health plans for businesses of all sizes. Employers may add a Kelsey Plan option to their current insurance offerings, giving their employee access to Kelsey-Seybold’s coordinated care.

“Kelsey plans are focused on proactive health care by keeping employees healthy before minor health issues become major issues,” said Brian Ventre, senior vice president of KelseyCare and KelseyCare Advantage Sales. “With a Kelsey plan, individuals can see any doctor without a referral. They can access Population Health which helps patients manage chronic conditions like diabetes and they have access to all Kelsey clinics in Houston,” Ventre added.

“Our product can be very easily added to any carrier product the employer currently has with absolutely no disruptions. This will add a rich, integrated, outcome-driven, low-cost plan along with their current benefit offerings,” said Ventre.

Welcome to the neighborhood

Ziegenbein says the Kelsey-Seybold clinic has been warmly welcomed in Westchase District. “It was wonderful to see how excited people were on day one. Long time Kelsey patients are glad to see a clinic in their neighborhood,” said Ziegenbein. “It truly is a one-stop shop. Come here and we can take care of all your healthcare needs.”

Kelsey-Seybold’s Westchase clinic is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at 11284 Westheimer Road. Call 713-442-7700 for an appointment or visit

The new clinic brings advanced imaging services, like mammography, closer to where people live and work.


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