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Westchase District has the demographics to support growing businesses.


A well-educated and high-income workforce resides in the Westchase District. Compared to the rest of the City, Westchase District has many more management, business, financial professional and administrative jobs, making it one of the more upscale communities in the Houston area. Median income is approximately 6% higher than the City of Houston’s.[1]


81,000 people work in Westchase District and 28,000 people live here. In addition, more than half a million people live within five miles. Together, they constitute a readily available, educated and highly skilled labor pool.



Westchase District covers 4.2 square miles in the heart of Houston’s vibrant west side. The District offers excellent mobility, public safety, aesthetics and amenities that attract businesses and professionals from around the world.



The Westchase District is in a highly educated area.  42% of West Houstonians have a college degree compared to 40% nationally and 28% for City of Houston as a whole.[2]


Steadily Adding Jobs

West Houston added 50,000 jobs in the last decade despite the prolonged recession. Area employment rose from 410,000 to 460,000 between 2000 and 2010.[2]


Growing faster than the City of Houston

From 2000 to 2010, the District’s population grew by 20%, versus 7% population growth for the City of Houston.[1]


45% of our area’s population is in its power earning years

West Houston is a mature area.[2]

  • 15% of the population is 25-34
  • 15.6% is 35-44
  • 14.4% is 45-54
  • 9.8% is 55-64.2


Diverse Economy

Most people think West Houston’s economy relies heavily on oil and gas. In fact, only 2.5% of the areas jobs are in mining, oil and gas. Many other industries account for far more jobs. Almost 40% are classified as professional, scientific, management, administration, medical, and education.[2]


[1] 2010 U.S. Census      
[2] West Houston Leadership Institute and CDS Market Research

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