Breakfast Just Got Better

Eggcellence Café’s Menu Crafted for Breakfast to Lunch Crowd

Bright side up: Eggcellence’s dining room has a bright, fun interior.

It’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If so, a relatively new restaurant in Westchase District has got your mornings covered. With a thoughtfully prepared menu seven days a week, Eggcellence Bakery & Café caters to early morning and late morning appetites.

Eggcellence opened two years ago at 10001 Westheimer Road in the Carillon Shopping Center. One step inside and the baked aroma emanating around you gives one impression: don’t rush this meal. As you’ll see from the tables and spaces, this isn’t dine and dash, quick service. “We want you to sit and enjoy,” said manager Sandra Campos.

Chicken crepes for breakfast or lunch? It’s your choice when you enjoy.

Go big and go home

The café does go big on the menu with brunch-style entrees like the Texas Sampler, served with two fresh farm, cage-free eggs, Applewood smoked bacon, pork sausage links, ham slices and hash browns, plus two buttermilk pancakes. That’s plenty of food to keep you full through lunch. Other Texas favorites include Huevos Rancheros with hash browns or fried potatoes or Creole Shrimp and Grits. Chicken Fried Chicken and Gravy or Biscuit and Country Gravy give the café a touch of hearty, home-made cooking.

The menu features five styles of pancakes, from berry, whole wheat nut to a chocolate lovers pancake topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and filled with Kit Kat crunch. Eggcellence didn’t forget about waffles either. It serves Belgian style waffles that can be ordered with fried chicken. Egg crepes augment all the other menu choices.

There are plenty of choices for diners on the go as well. You’ll find an espresso bar, fresh squeezed juices and power smoothies to energize your body.

Lunch options entice

Eggcellence has the perfect chair for times when you feel a little ‘yolky’.

In the mood for sandwiches? You’re in luck here. From avocado BLT croissant sandwich to burgers, Eggcellence doesn’t limit diners to classic breakfast choices.

“This location was among the first that opened in Houston,” said Campos. Found only in the Houston market, Eggcellence has seven other locations in the Houston area. “We like the traffic and visibility we get being on Westheimer,” said Campos.

Eggcellence doesn’t serve dinner but that’s by design. “People are coming in throughout the day because our menu is versatile,” said Campos. “It’s food you would eat either for breakfast or lunch or both,” she said. Campos added that all the meats served are Halal. “We take great pride in our homemade batter,” said Campos. “Our batter makes our waffles and pancakes a star attraction.”

Although COVID reduced the restaurant’s traffic after it opened in November 2019, Campos is optimistic that the office workers who warmly received the restaurant will gradually return.

Campos said that Eggcellence is on its way to becoming a prime gathering spot. Groups in the community come in for coffee or to eat because of the restaurant’s relaxing atmosphere, Campos said. The restaurant has high ceilings and a bright interior, emitting a lively atmosphere. Fun, egg-shaped chairs greet diners while leather love seats are the perfect spot to sip coffee. There’s also an outdoor covered dining patio.


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