Bike Barn Powers Cycling World

Experienced Cyclists Offer Help to Both Rookie Riders and Long-time Enthusiasts

Whether for lifelong sport, cleaner air, improving health, saving money on gas, less traffic, turning a work commute into a workout or just to feel the wind, people ride bikes for many reasons. And in Houston, cyclists peddle to Bike Barn. The retailer has been supporting the world of cycling since 1983.

Serving Cycling Community

Bike Barn’s market niche has been reinforced by increasing trends for bike commuting which has grown by 62 percent since 2000. Many Americans are seeing health and environmental benefits of being more active on bikes.

From beginners to competitive cyclists, Bike Barn’s strategy has been to provide a high level of in-store expertise through its staff.  “We live for bikes and hire riders who are passionate about cycling and eager to share their passion for cycling,” said Lisa Gibson, marketing events manager for Bike Barn. “We all hold ourselves to a high standard of service and community, always aiming for friendly, informative interactions.  We care about our customer’s experience in the store and on their bike out in the community.

“Our team loves to meet riders from the community and have a range of experience and knowledge that they love to share,” said Gibson. She encourages customers to stop by and say hi. “They love to talk about where to ride and answer any cycling questions you may have.”

Nicole Daniels, who got started riding BMX bikes at age 11, is assistant manager for the Bike Barn in Westchase District.

Team Bike Barn Brings Depth

The staff at Bike Barn is tightly knit. They go on rides together and love helping the Westchase community with their cycling.  “Nick, our store manager, enjoys the technical aspects of bikes, gear and training,” said Gibson.  “He rides road and mountain bikes and is your go-to guy to talk specs and data.  Nicole’s been with us for 11 years and is the store’s assistant manager.  She started riding BMX as a kid, was truly hooked on cycling when she got her first road bike in junior high and these days, she loves mountain biking most of all.  Stefan leads the service department.  As a former marine, you can count on him to connect with each person with his fun personality and love for riding his road and mountain bikes.”

The Right Mix for Riding

Bike Barn, which had a presence on Westheimer for more than 25 years, moved into Westchase District in 2013 at 11105 Westheimer (at Wilcrest.)  The area had many attributes appealing to Bike Barn. “We value connection to wonderful, established neighborhoods where the community invests in expanding safe cycling paths,” said Gibson. “Terry Hershey Park provides a great backbone that connects many neighborhoods to George Bush Park.”

When Westchase District recently opened a new, dedicated two-way bike lane on Deerwood Drive, it built Houston’s first connection from the Buffalo Bayou Trail to the Brays Bayou Trail. The new extension augments the District’s 5-mile trail system that was completed in 2018.  This was warmly received by cyclists and another reason why Bike Barn thrives in the District. “We appreciate seeing trails expanding from the park and reaching deeper into new neighborhoods and creating safe routes for cyclists,” said Gibson.

The new bike path on Deerwood Drive keeps motorists separated from cyclists.

Community Connections

Customers shopping at Bike Barn will notice the largest product selection in Houston. Gibson says Bike Barn goes beyond retail. “We invest heavily in supporting local riding through bike rides, races and events for kids,” said Gibson. “We focus on your experience as a rider beyond your time in the shop.”

Each year, Bike Barn supports around 60 rides, charities, and races throughout the greater Houston area. In addition, it provides free weekly rides. “We are also involved in another 50 store and community events throughout the year,” said Gibson. “As a company, we invest in Bike Houston, which advocates for cycling in our greater community, and support Houston BCycle.”


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