Service Plan Extension

The Westchase District Board of Directors has directed staff to begin the process of extending the District’s service plan.

Extending our plan to 2045 provides continuation of our core services – Public Safety, Mobility and Beautification. It also positions us to maintain the infrastructure (streets and streetscapes) and amenities (parks and trails) we are building through our 380 Program. Finally, securing our operations for the future also allows us to seek an extension of the 380 Program and compete for additional grants. With nearly $100 million secured so far, the importance of this program for our economic vitality is both tremendous and unique.

The extension process is straightforward. We gather petitions from owners, call a hearing and notify all owners. The Westchase District Board then holds a separate hearing to consider adopting the new service plan in light of the public input.

Only property owners of record in Westchase District may sign a petition in support of the service plan extension. If you have been asked to sign a petition or would like to forward the information to the owner of your property, you will find all the supporting documents on this page.

If you have any questions about which document to sign or how the process works, you may email Dave Gilkeson or call him at 713-780-9434.


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